1) 1.10.2017-30.9.2022 : ERC Advanced, Locus Ludi. the Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in Classical Antiquity (€ 2’494’305)


Locus Ludi intends to provide a benchmark by reconstructing the history of the ludic culture in the Greco-Roman world. The project will identify, categorize and reconstruct ancient games thanks to close philological, historical, archaeological, and anthropological studies.
The research will generate a new vision of the cultural fabric of ancient society, provide models for training and research in related fields, as well as up-to-date material for schools, museums, and libraries. Understanding the educational, societal and integrative role of play in the past is important to understand the present and widen the debate on high tech toys and new forms of sociability.

ERC Advanced Grant 2017-2022 | Read more about the project


2) SNSF CoRe 2016-2019, with Bern University, Forensic Institute, To be a Child in Roman Aventicum (1st-3rd c. AD): Evidence on Health, Disease and Feeding Practices from Bioarchaeology, c. 408’946 €.


MC Swiss member of the COST Action 19131


MC Swiss member of the COST Action 19131
Europe Through Textiles: Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities

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